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Auburn Slip

  out of 4 Music Review: Auburn Slip

Artist: Eve To Adam
Genre: Rock
Release Date: July 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Now this is some killer music! Iíd about had it with the bang-slam-metal-rap, and then this group called Eve To Adam shows up just in time to relieve my disdain and to restore my faith in hard rock. "Auburn Slip" is some powerful stuff. And itís worth listening to and writing about, now thatís a change. There is so much crap out there, when you here genuinely good music you really appreciate it.

Taki Sassaris sings like a man on a mission to mesmerize you with his electric eel vocal style, biting and snapping at every possible twist and turn that the music provides (with earrings all the way through his tits and everywhere else). He does a real good job sounding right on key for the monstrous slabs of metal that are thrown at him by Aj Pappas (bass) and Guarav Bali (guitar). Alex Sassaris (drums) is the anchor at the drum kit; he pounds away frenetically as the others somehow manage to keep pace. It all comes together quickly to make music that is all together different, enjoyable, and quite demonstrative.

"All The Same" and "Disgrace" get my vote as the best tracks. Both songs show the heart and soul of the group without coming off as fabricated or tasteless. All the strong points of the group are always featured throughout this CD. Itís produced very smartly.

This New York based group is on their way to cutting a path to rock stardom. AhhÖthis was a breath of fresh air. To think that this is only the beginning for this group, what lies ahead could be amazing, stay tuned.

1. Into
2. Matador
3. Find Yourself Another
4. Memorial Day
5. Birthmark
6. World Between My Hands
7. Peel
8. Red Door
9. Disgrace
10. All The Same
11. Abandon



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