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Angel Dust

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Angel Dust

Artist: Faith No More
Genre: Rock
Release Date: June 1992

Review by MastermindSBell
4 stars out of 4

Released in 1992 this was Faith No More's follow-up to their breakthrough album "The Real Thing".

The album was ahead of it's time as it's sound seems resemble some of today's current music.I wouldn't say the band's ripped them off because...well,rip-off would imply their music was as good as this.

The album is the band's darkest and heaviest but to me it's the most beautiful,and uplifting of their albums. I consider songs like "Midlife Crisis" "Caffeine" and "Be Aggressive" to be some of the greatest songs of ever recorded.

Their lead singer Mike Patton(also of Fantomas and Mr.Bungle) has a vocal range that most singers can only dream of. This album showcases a small part of his skill but what he does is brillant.

If you like any Nu-Metal bands then I urge you to check out this album and be blown away by it's superiority.



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