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music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Against

Artist: Sepulutra
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: October 1998

Review by Ken
3 stars out of 4

After Sepultura got rid of Max Cavalera, logic would argue that the band were finished. But the never-say-die Brazilian thrashers got a new lung-buster - Derrick Green - on vocal duties; and the guy definitely puts in a decent show. Musically, the band still incorporates its traditional world music elements- with tribal drum beats, flutes and mystical chants fighting for supremacy amidst the screaming vocals and razor-sharp guitar riffing. Boasting an abundance of intriguing instrumental moments (at least 4 tracks!) and collaborations with rockers Zebrahead, Japanese percussionists KODO and even Metallica's Jason Newstead, the album can get a bit boring in some parts- but it still has plenty of highlights with stomping numbers like 'Hatred Out', 'Rumors' and 'Reza'. However, fans thirsting for the Sepultura they knew on albums like 'ROOTS' and 'CHAOS A.D.' would be better off checking out Max Cavalera's phenomenal new outfit Soulfly.



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