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Accelerated Evolution

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Accelerated Evolution

Artist: Devin Townsend
Genre: Rock
Release Date: April 2003

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3 stars out of 4

I have many thoughts about the new Devin Townsend Band CD Accelerated Evolution. My first impression was Why does this guy have to scream instead of sing? Well, I had to be patient and let this CD play out. I found out that he does his share of both actually, and at times reminded me of Alice Cooper. Townsend has a great voice and I think if he exercised a little more restraint he would master his capabilities as a singer.

He proves to be nothing short of splendid towards the end of the album on Away, Sunday Afternoon, and Slow Me Down. All three songs have their lighter moments and periods of pop lushness if you will. Do not be dismayed at the reference to pop or lushness, for the most part this is anything but. Those three particular songs happen to highlight the many abilities of this talented group of men. The lions share of this recording is straight ahead head slammin rock and prog-metal. With tracks like Depth Charge, Storm, and Suicide, you certainly do not conjure up images of a lovely walk along the beach while plucking petals from a rose. This CD is all about high-energy music that keeps you buzzing for a long time.

Devin Townsend is the master of his universe and he is in some fine company in that realm. Brian Waddell (guitar, arranger), Ryan Vanpoederooven (drums arranger), Dave Young (keyboards, arranger) and Mike Young (bass, arranger) form a unified and lethal unit around Townsends earth shattering vocal style. The one thing that struck me with accuracy right between the eyes was the consistency of this album. Everything about it is goodthe musicianship, production, sound and engineering. Yes, this is an all-star cast performing on an unforgettable session and anyone that digs rock, metal, or progressive music, will surely agree once they hear this CD.

1. Depth Charge (Townsend) - 6:04
2. Storm (Townsend) - 4:38
3. Random Analysis (Townsend) - 5:59
4. Deadhead (Townsend) - 8:05
5. Suicide (Townsend) - 6:45
6. Traveller (Townsend) - 4:12
7. Away (Townsend) - 7:49
8. Sunday Afternoon (Townsend) - 6:20
9. Slow Me Down (Townsend) - 4:35

The Band:

Devin Townsend - Lead Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Brian Waddell - Guitar, Arranger
Ryan Vanpoederooven - Drums, Arranger
Dave Young - Keyboards, Arranger
Mike Young - Bass, Arranger



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