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2012 E.D.

  out of 4 Music Review: 2012 E.D.

Artist: Orixa
Genre: Rock
Release Date: November 2000

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Latino rock is hot! And groups like "Orixa" are capitalizing on that popularity. With a strident combination of rock, ska, reggae, and rap, these boys have got their chops down. There is a huge young Latin audience out there digesting all of this music and looking for more. For me the music was enjoyable for the most part, minus the rap.

They can play some pumpin' rock and roll as the opening tracks indicates. "Umbabaraum (ponta de lanca africano)" sets the tone for what is to come. These guys are serious musicians. They can play anything, and this CD is a great example of their abilities to reach out and grab the best of each popular style that will turn on their audience. They switch over to quirky pop-funk on "Funky Lazy", showing how they can get down and dirty with some burning feeling. The guitar riffs are swift and decisive helping to make each song tight and organized. They have to have their act together with some of the quick time changes and complicated rhythms they pull off in most of the songs.

You don't speak Spanish? Need an interpreter? Don't worry about it; just enjoy the music like I did. I don't have to understand the words to understand the music. I get it, and it's all loud and clear. Check this band out, they will spice up your life and put a little more get up and go into your step.

1. Umbabarauma (Ponta de Lanca Africano) (Ben) - 4:27
2. Adixion (Caipo/Jimenez) - 3:22
3. No Importa (Caipo/Jimenez) - 3:33
4. Lucha Por la Freedom (Caipo/Jimenez) - 6:55
5. Cuando Vas a Pagar (Caipo/Jimenez) - 3:31
6. Funky Lazy! (Caipo) - 3:50
7. Carlitos (Caipo/Jimenez/Shul) - 4:14
8. Sacudete It (Caipo/Jimenez/Otis) - 3:52
9. No Importa [Remix] (Caipo/Jimenez) - 8:06



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