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Fill in the form as best you can. The fields with an asterisk (*) are required. View help for submitting a review for detailed description of each of these fields (everyone should read this file the first time they submit a review). Alternatively, you can click on each field name for help with that field. If the review you are submitting is to be included in a list-- for example, a list of your personal top-10 science-fiction books or in one of our lists, then make sure to fill in the list-related fields. If you plan on submitting many reviews, you may first want to have them posted on our site and then send us email to create a list.

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Here are some guidelines to help your write a good review:

  • Some background about the item Describing the context in which it was created. Who worked on it? Is it a sequel? How does it compare to previous work by the author/artist/director.
  • A basic description of the item. For a book, this might include a brief sketch of the plotline, or for a toy, a physical description of the toy.
  • Your opinion of the item. Did you like it or dislike it? Always justify your opinion. Don't be afraid to give personal reasons-- be honest and direct-- that's what people want to hear.
  • Compare the item to similar items. How does it compare to similar items? For example, you might say "if you liked xxx, your sure to love this-- but if you hated it, you'll hate this".

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