Help for Submitting a Review

This file contains instructions associated with the Universal Review Form.  Each field in that form is described in detail in this help file.  If you have questions which are not answered here, please contact us.

All-Reviewer Id: Your All-Reviewer ID was sent to you when you first registered to be an All-Reviewer.  If you haven't registered, then you should Join Now!  If you have forgotten your All-Reviewer ID, then don't worry.  Send us email at with your name and we will respond with your id.  Also, don't hold up writing that review while you wait for a response.  Simply put your name in the All-Reviewer ID field.
Type of Review: We thought this field was pretty clear!  If the item you want to review does not fall into any of these categories, then we suggest you first send email to and suggest a new catgegory before you write and submit the review.
List to Include In: We believe that people will be most interested in our reviews if they are included in interesting lists.  Therefore, before you start writing reviews, you should think about lists you would like to create.  The simplest would be a list of your all time top-10 books, music cd's, classical music cd's, etc.  You can also suggest some new and interesting types of lists-- for example, the top-10 weirdest movies of all time.   Finally, you may want to include your reviews within a list which isn't a personal list-- like the all time top action movie list (just an example-- it doesn't exist yet).   In all of these cases, we need to know that your review is to be included in a list.   In the List to Include In field, please make the list name clear, as well as whether it is a personal list or not. 
Position in List: If you filled in the "List to Include In" field with a personal list, then in this field provide the position of the current review in that list.  For example, for a top10 list, the values in this field should vary from 1-10.
Title/Name: The Title or Name of the item.  This applies no matter what the product type.  Try to be specific, in case there are multiple items with similar names.
Author/Artist, Manufacturer, Platform: For a book/music cd, specify the author/artist.  For a video leave this field blank or specify the director. For a toy, specify the manufacturer (e.g., Mattel, Parket-Brothers).  For a video game just specify the platform (e.g., Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, Windows).
Genre: This value will differ for each product category, but use your best judgement or look at our existing genres.   For example, for a book you might specify literature, science fiction, or mystery, for a music cd you might specify Rock/Pop, classical, or country, or for  video, action or comedy.
Sold by Affiliate: We would ideally like all of the items we review to be sold by at least one of our affiliates, but we have no problem occassionally reviewing items which are not sold by them.  If you think an item you are going to review is quite rare, you might want to search for it at one of our affiliates first.  However, you are not required to do so.  However, if you do search for it and find it, let us know.  This field is optional.
Rating: The ratings go from 0-4 stars and increase in half-star increments.  Do your best assigning a rating.  While we realize that most items reviewed will not be near the bottom of this range (although you are free to write reviews of items you dislike), we want to avoid assigning too many very high ratings, in which case the ratings become meaningless (check out Amazon's book ratings-- the ratings for most books I look up are near the very top of the range).  
Abstract: In order to improve the ability for someone to find you review on the web, each review will include some meta information, which helps search engines index your review and controls what is displayed to the user of a search engine.  One piece of meta information is the title.   Each review will have a title of the form Music Review: Up by R.E.M. This will be the first line displayed by a search engine if it finds your review.  The next line(s) displayed by a search engine is the description meta information, which is where we will put you abstract.  So, this field should say more than just the cd name/artist, or book title/author, since they will be specified in the title.  Here is an example of what you might want to put, if your name is John Smith (by default, we will add something like this): Up is one of the top twenty albums of 1998 according to JohnS, one of our reviewers.  The abstract should only be one or two sentences, since most search engines will not diplay more than that.