Rating Guide:
What the Stars Mean


The ratings are explained by the chart below.  We intend our reviewers to be critical, and not to arbitrarily assign high values-- in which case all of the ratings become meaningless.  However, because many of our reviewers tend to focus on the items they like the most, you may find many reviews with a rating of 3 stars or higher.

In some cases our reviewers may assign a rating using a different scale (perhaps a 10 point scale). In these cases we will translate this rating onto our 4 star scale using our best judgement.


No Stars Absolutely Terrible.  No redeeming features.
half-star.gif (216 bytes) Very Bad.
star.gif (219 bytes) Poor.
star.gif (219 bytes)half-star.gif (216 bytes) Poor-Fair
star.gif (219 bytes)star.gif (219 bytes) Fair
star.gif (219 bytes)star.gif (219 bytes)half-star.gif (216 bytes) Fair-Good
star.gif (219 bytes)star.gif (219 bytes)star.gif (219 bytes) Good
star.gif (219 bytes)star.gif (219 bytes)star.gif (219 bytes)half-star.gif (216 bytes) Very Good
star.gif (219 bytes)star.gif (219 bytes)star.gif (219 bytes)star.gif (219 bytes) Outstanding- a classic