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Logos and Banners

Logos, Buttons and Banners for Your Use
This page contains artwork that you may place on your website in order to advertise (we would greatly appreciate this!). Logos, buttons, and banners are all essentially the same thing-- they advertise the website and are linked directly to it. The primary differences are in size and content. In order to use our artwork, we request that you copy the images to your site; you will then need to add some .html code to display the image on your web page and link it to our site.

How to Copy Images
Copying images while using a browser such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer is quite easy. First, place the cursor on the image you want to copy and then hold down the right mouse button. Then a pop-up menu will appear and one of the menu items will be "save as..." or "download image...". Select this menu item and then save it to your PC's hard drive (rename the file if you wish). Then transfer the image to the system where your web page is located-- this will typically involve uploading the file to the Internet Service provider (ISP) that hosts your web site. Once the image is there, proceed to the next step.

Inserting Images into Your WebSite
After you have copied the image to the system which hosts your web site, you then need to add some .html code to insert the image onto your web page and to link it to In the page where you want the image, you will insert .html code that looks like this:

<a href="">
  <img src="logo.gif" Width="186" Height="64" alt=" logo">

In this case the link is to the home page. However, you could link it directly to one of our other pages by specifying a longer path. This code assumes the image is called logo.gif and is located in the same directory as the web page-- otherwise a different name would be used and a path specified. The width and the height of the image are specified-- we provide this dimension information to you for each image. Finally, the alt text will provide a textual description of the image before it is fully loaded.

Available Images
Below are the images available for you to use. The logos will only look good on a white background, but for the other images it is not nearly as important. When using the images, it is best to specify the dimensions (the width and height), so that the browser can layout the page before loading the images. logo

Black Logo Width=186 Height=64 (size=3KB) logo

Navy Logo Width=186 Height=64 (size=3KB) button

Small Button Width=153 Height=82 (size=3KB) button

Medium Button Width=187 Height=111 (size=5KB) button

Large Button Width=220 Height=129 (size=6KB)

animated button

Animated Button Width=151 Height=82 (size=4KB) banner

Animated Banner Width=400 Height=40 (size=8KB) banner

Animated Banner 2 Width=468 Height=60 (size=13KB)

banner2b-anim.gif (8454 bytes)

Animated Banner 2B Width=468 Height=60 (size=8KB)

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